Abstract Guidelines

Call for Abstracts

Are you proud of the quality of your research? Do you want to present your abstract at a premier Congress and publish it? APHS2023 is the ideal international platform for you to publicise your best research!

Abstracts are only accepted online at the Abstract Submission page by 14 Aug 2023. Authors must conform to the following guidelines and structure their abstracts accordingly. Abstracts not conforming to the guidelines will not be reviewed. 


1 February

Submissions Open

14 Aug

Deadline For Submissions

30 Aug

Notification of Accepted Abstracts

14 Sep

Abstract Presentation File Submissions


  • Bassini, Stoppa, and Cooper Awards are reinstated this year!
  • Bassini (Oral Presentation)
    1st Place: $ 1,000 + APHS 2024 Registration
    2nd Place: $ 300 + APHS 2024 Registration
  • Stoppa (e-Poster)
    1st Place: $ 300 + APHS 2024 Registration
    2nd Place: $ 150 + APHS 2024 Registration
  • Cooper (Video Presentation)
    1st Place: $ 300 + APHS 2024 Registration
    2nd Place: $ 150 + APHS 2024 Registration

  • The grant aims to provide financial assistance to cover travel expenses for the selected recipients.
  • A total of 10 travel grants are provided, each grant is USD 200.
  • Applicants are required to submit their abstracts and tick to apply in the submission process to be considered for the travel grant.
  • Evaluation and Selection Process: A committee of experts will review and evaluate the abstracts, taking into account their significance and contribution to the respective field.
  • Notification and Disbursement: Successful grant recipients will be notified in a timely manner, and the financial support will be reimbursed during the Congress. Grant recipients are required to submit return economy air tickets and accommodation receipts to smoothen the reimbursement process.  

  • Abstracts must be written in English. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts where the English structure makes comprehension difficult.
  • Abstracts must be comprised of:
    • A title
    • Author names: First name(s) and last name(s). Full names are required
    • The affiliation (only one), including country, of each author
    • Any abbreviations should be defined where first mentioned.
    • A body structured under Introduction and Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.
      (Please also provide evidence of ethical approval and funding acknowledgments if any.)
  • A maximum of 300 words.
  • Avoid text in bold or italics.
  • Statements such as “results will be discussed” or “data will be presented” will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s).
  • All reports must be based on completed work. No “in progress” studies will be accepted.

  • A MAXIMUM OF 4 FIGURES are allowed and must be uploaded separately.
  • Figure(s) must be numbered clearly (eg. Figure 1).
  • Figure(s) should be cited in the abstract to which they belong.
  • Figure(s) formats: .jpeg, png.
  • A minimum resolution of 72 dpi is required.
  • Figure legend should appear in the abstract text rather than as part of the figure file(s).

  • The video viewing link should be shared via the abstract portal along with the text abstract. Videos sent by email will not be considered.
  • The video should be at least 3-5 minutes long in .MP4 or .MOV format, or other readable formats.
  • Video maximum duration: 7 minutes.
  • Video maximum size: 500 MB.
  • Please provide also a written summary outlining aspects of the operation you wish to demonstrate as well as the clinical scenario.
  • A review of the submission will be based on the abstract text summary and video.
  • Videos that are submitted for other types of abstract presentations (oral or poster) will not be assessed and will be deleted.

  • Authors are allowed to edit each submitted abstract until the submission deadline.
  • Abstracts will not be edited and proofread by the committee.
  • Obvious mistakes may be corrected and the abstracts will be amended to house style as appropriate.

  • Resupplies, different versions of abstracts, or instructions to delete after submission will be considered depending on the timeframe.

  • Notification of acceptance including details of the presentation format will be sent out on 30 Aug 2023.
  • There are three categories of presentations available – oral, poster, or video. As presentation slots are limited, some abstracts may be reallocated to different formats.
  • Questions about the abstract submission process can be directed to secretariat@aphs2023.com.

  • All presenters must register to attend the congress within a maximum of 14 days prior from congress dates and be present at the time of congress.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to make the final decision about the abstract acceptance and its scheduling into the program based on topics and time constraints.
  • Each presenter may submit a maximum of three (3) abstracts.
  • Each abstract submission must indicate whether the material was published or presented in any prior congresses or granted any awards.
  • Certificate of Appreciation will be granted to all the presenters to honor their presentations.