Kirubakaran Malapan

Dr Kirubakaran Malapan obtained his MBBS degree from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in 1999 and completed training in General Surgery in 2008 from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He subsequently completed Subspeciality training in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery from Taiwan and Breast & Endocrine Surgery from Malaysia in 2013. He obtained the ESPEN Diploma of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism in 2018. Dr Kiru has served in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia for almost 20 years at various government hospitals. In 2019, he embraced a new challenge and ventured into private practice as a General, Breast & Endocrine and Bariatric Surgeon at Gleneagles Hospital Penang, Malaysia. He has also contributed to the field of academics and published several scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, presented at scientific meetings, workshops, CME's, public talks both locally and internationally. He is a passionate educator and keen to embrace and collaborate on innovative ideas and technology to improve patient outcomes.